Gamemode Plans for

5/15/19 Gamemodes

I built because I wanted a survival-like game that users can play as a .io game. But you can think of the original Minecraft in the same way. It was built for that purpose, but once it was created it was suddenly a game that had huge possibilities in the diversity of its gamemodes, since maps could be created or edited in any way, and items had a huge diversity of uses. I made for that reason too, because I want to expand it past this core survival gamemode. - Battle Royale

I created this game first. But after creating this game, I had the vision that I mentioned above. I decided to spend some months making the base game for future creation: Now that has been created, I can upgrade Mine Royale to a proper Battle Royale game. This is because the game is now hugely customizable, so I can make bows or other items spawn in particular spots, making for item spawns like in real Battle Royale. This idea was inspired by the Minecraft Hunger Games, and now I have the freedom to expand it even further!

Hide and Seek

Since there really are no great Hide and Seek .io games right now, I think it would be fitting to create a hide and seek .io game in This could consist of players being mobs, or even being blocks that have to blend in. I would have to create multiple maps with lots of patterns in blocks and mobs that you have to deal with. I could even create mazes within the hide and seek maps. I could make the maps change dynamically to make it hard to memorize patterns. The trick would be having a good hitting mechanic where players have to choose wisely what they hit. Or maybe the hider can run away, which would make it allowable for the seeker to hit anything.

Gun Game / One in the Chamber

This is a game mode that has some roots in both battle royale games and in Minecraft. I could create a small map that has lots of specially enchanted bows and grappling hooks laying around the map. Then players could go in and try to survive as long as possible while killing lots of other players. If you kill players, you will gain better bows and more arrows. In this game, it could be one shot and one kill, or more powerful bows could simply do more damage.

Zombie invasion

The idea for this game is that lots of players spawn in and spread around the map, and then a few zombies spawn in who are actually players. Players can hide places, or possibly even place a limited number of blocks. Then zombies come after them. If a player is touched by a zombie, they go back to the spawning point and become a zombie themselves. This can go on until there are a few winners, or until everyone is a zombie!


One thing I can't think of is how I could simulate parkour in It could open up lots of possibilities if I could figure out a good mechanic for it, including Skywars, since that requires that you can be able to fall from the sky. Let me know if you have an idea for this mechanic!


An idea I had inspired by old Minecraft servers is Kit PVP. The idea behind this gamemode is that you jump out of a spawn area and fight as long as you can. It will be announced in the server when people are on killstreaks or things like that. It is a way to improve your combat abilities. When you spawn, you start off with some armor, a sword, and soup. The soup would have a special feature in this gamemode where it would not stack, meaning it would take more skill to hotkey and heal, like in many popular Minecraft servers.

Grapple Race

This would be a fun minigame where players would not be able to break blocks, but all players would spawn in a set racing map. They would use their grappling hooks to get ahead of other players by navigating through the course. There could be obstacles like spider webs or tight holes that you need to grapple through. This would be a very cool use of the grappling mechanic.

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