Base Building


What are bases for?

Bases are intended as a way to enclose and protect your gold generators, which I will explain more about in a moment. Essentially, gold is the currency in the game, and also the leaderboard score. A base will probably be near your farm and your XP farm, so placement is important. A base is also a strategic point that you can use to protect yourself while fighting enemies.

Gold Generators

Gold generators are very expensive to craft, but are an investment. That is why you must protect them. As time goes on, they place gold ore adjacent to them, which you can then mine. While your gold is generating, you can spend doing things like farming or killing mobs. Needless to say, this is the most valuable block in the game!

Obsidian and Reinforced Obsidian

The plan right now is that obsidian will slowly generate along the edges of the map. This is because I don't want to implement water and lava, so I need a new interesting way that it can generate. Maybe, the usually straight brick along the borders will instead be jagged, like bedrock in Minecraft. This will add to interesting base positions, as players will want to be near the edge of the map, where obsidian is generating. From obsidian and iron, at a high cost, reinforced obsidian can be crafted. This is what the strongest bases are built out of, as it takes a very long time to break through.

Vault Door

The Vault Door is another very useful item. It only allows you to pass through, but not enemy players. The Vault Door, like the Reinforced Obsidian, takes a very long time to break. The combination of these two things makes a base that you, but not anyone else, can easily enter.


The barrier is a block that any projectile and sword hit can pass through, but no player or mob. This is useful for creating a spawner farm, where you can hit mobs and gain XP and items, but they cannot pass through. Similarly, they can be used in a base to create firing holes from which to shoot at enemies. Be careful, though, because enemy players can also fire projectiles at you through your barrier.


A turret is a block that fires arrows at enemy players. It will only fire when it has a clear shot. It can be broken more easily, so you must defend it. However, as with the blocks above, TNT does not affect it. Many turrets can be a method to defend your base before you are available to defend it yourself.


Anvils are a block used for salvaging old tools that you no longer need. They are useful for when you kill another player, and you have nothing to do with their items. They are also a way to get rid of items that you enchant, but do not want the enchantment for. You can also salvage key base building blocks that you no longer need, such as turrets and gold generators.

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